Silje (35) sells a cup for 165,000 crowns: – According to the world

A few months into the pandemic, with travel restrictions and minimal social gatherings, Silje Winther (35) found she needed a new hobby.

The choice fell on something nostalgic, valuable – and silly, according to the roommate. She herself finds the new fascination exciting and sociable at the same time.

– I’m starting to collect mummy mugs for the whole summer of 2020. I used to have some of the regular mugs in stores but I’ve started to buy the slightly rarer ones. The collection grew quickly. I now have around 150 pieces, says Winther to TV 2 and adds:

– I’m crazy, so I have four or five cups. There are several Facebook pages where you can connect with other Mummy fans, share photos and sell mugs. It’s very sociable now that I’m only home with young children.

The case was first mentioned in Sandefjords Blad.

Silje Winther found a new hobby during the pandemic. Photo: Private

Paid over 5000 for a cup

The 35-year-old from Stokke, who has lived in Gothenburg since 2013, says the collection is neatly and carefully packed in boxes. Now and then she takes out the cups to look at them.

And then she puts them down again.

– Then I know that they are safe and will not get ugly stains. And then I have some in the kitchen cupboard that I use every day, but these are not part of the rare collection.

One of Winther’s favorite mugs features the troll mummy diving in the sea. It costs around 2,000 without a label, she says.

– I have several favourites, and the trophy called «Millennium» is at the top. I paid a little over 5,000 kroner for it when I bought it, but I saw the same mug being sold for 11,500 kronor at Christmas in Sweden’s Tradera marketplace.

So far, Silje Winther’s collection comprises around 150 cups. Photo: Private

Sell ​​special mugs for 165,000

Several local newspapers in the country have reported extensively on Winther in recent days. The basis for this is a Fazer mug, which she placed on the Finn marketplace – for the proud sum of 165,000 crowns.

But the cup is not her own.

– I am selling it to a friend in Sweden. Unfortunately, this cup is not in my house. Its owner has sold many mummy cups in Sweden, so now he wanted to try Norway. That’s why I put it out.

The special Fazer Arabia Moomin mug was made as a Christmas mug and was a gift to the workers at the Fazer factory who made the mummy mugs. They are therefore available in limited editions and are all numbered.

The cup is yellow and shows a large pile of parcels with small mummy rolls and a Santa Claus.

– It is precisely this special cup that many collectors are looking for. It’s in high demand.

The Fazer Christmas mug is available in a limited edition.  Photo: Private

The Fazer Christmas mug is available in a limited edition. Photo: Private

Lots of feedback

No bids have been received for the mug yet, but the seller isn’t having a bad time, according to Winther.

– I think the price is a bit too high, but one day we will find another happy buyer. I got a lot of good news – and some bad. Some people think it’s outrageous.

When asked why she collects the popular cups, Winther replies that it’s about nostalgia and value.

– They are so beautiful and colourful. There are also childhood memories. As kids we saw a lot of Mummy Troll. There’s a little added value in recognizing all the numbers and also knowing that they have value. It’s a little fun.

The Finnish-Swedish author, illustrator and painter Tove Jansson wrote the first book about the little white troll and his family in Mummy Valley in 1945. Eleven years later, the first children’s tableware with Mummy came out, but it wasn’t until 1990 that the Mummy cups as we know them today were launched.

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