Ryanair takeover – USA impeach Lukashenka’s regime – Archyde

In one case, charges were brought against the general director of the state-owned company Belaeronavigatsia Leonid Churo, his deputy Oleg Kazyuchits and two state security officers whose names are not mentioned in the document.

They are accused of conspiring to carry out “air terrorism”.

The Justice Department said in an indictment filed in federal court for the Southern District of New York that the named individuals fabricated information that a bomb was on board Ryanair in order to arrest a political activist who was on the plane.

“There was no bomb on board. Belarusian authorities fabricated a threat to take control of the plane and force it to change course from Vilnius to Minsk. These measures were taken by the Belarusian authorities so that the State Security Service could detain a Belarusian journalist and political activist who criticized the Belarusian authorities,” the document reads.

Recall that the NATO summit in the final communiqué called for an independent investigation Ryanair plane emergency landing incident in Minsk.

As you know, on May 23, the Belarusian regime forcefully landed a Ryanair plane to arrest Roman Protasevich and his girlfriend Sofia Sapega. Protasevich and Sapieha were editors of the Belarusian opposition Telegram channels.

After that, several European countries banned flights to this country.


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