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Grid.IDSamsung opened its first step in 2022 with the release of a new product in the form of Tablet.

The first released product Samsung in 2022 this is Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.

Samsung The Galaxy Tab A8 offers 3 types characteristic you can enjoy that, namely in terms of great performance, everything for entertainment then your foil will fit.

Produktmarketing-Manager Mobile Experience Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Annisa Maulina explained various characteristic what is offered Samsung Galaxy A8.

“There are three characteristic steadily found in Samsung Galaxy Tab A8,” said Annisa Maulina on Friday (21.1.2022) in a virtual Q&A season media session.

Samsung release

Annisa Maulina, Product Marketing Manager Mobile Experience at Samsung Electronics Indonesia, in a virtual Q&A season media session, Friday (01/21/2022).

Samsung The Galaxy Tab A8 is packed with great performance and everything for entertainment. As many as 70 percent of people use it Tablet for entertainment,” continued Annisa Maulina.

In terms of performance, Samsung The Galaxy Tab 8 saw an increase in CPU and GPU of up to 10 percent over the previous series.

Tablet It is equipped with 3 and 4 GB of RAM that can support usage in terms of entertainment as well as education.

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In terms of storage, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 offers 128 GB internally and supports external storage up to 1 TB.

Improved features also appear in the battery section, which can now last longer with a capacity of 7,040mAh and fast charging at 15W.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 also spoils its users with speakers suitable for entertainment.

This tablet is equipped with quad surround sound speakers that can improve user experience for streaming or other applications.

Compared to the previous series, namely the Samsung Galaxy A7, the appearance of this tablet also makes the user more flexible.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 has a 10.5-inch screen but a thinner body than the previous series which is 10.2mm.

Samsung releases the Galaxy Tab A8

Samsung release

Samsung releases the Galaxy Tab A8

“Another feature of the Samsung Tab A8 that should be highlighted is that it is suitable for families, including children,” said Annisa Maulina.

“There are Samsung kids. Of the content, the content from Samsung’s gaming site has been filtered from a suitable age for children, so parents don’t have to worry about adult content,” he explained.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 also prioritizes child safety with various content features that can filter incoming content on the tablet.

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There is characteristic improved parental controls so parents can see what content their children have opened.

The Galaxy Tab A8 does not only spoil adult users characteristic fun for kids.

One of characteristic What can make kids happier is customizable home screen display.

With characteristic what is offered Samsung Galaxy A8 is suitable for use entertainment and educating children who are home-schooling amid a pandemic.

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