In a first, trending news, two kidneys from genetically modified pigs were transplanted into a brain-dead man – Archyde

Doctors in Alabama have successfully transplanted a pair of kidneys from a genetically engineered pig into a brain-dead man.

The operation was performed at the University of Alabama in the United States. The man named Jim Parsons, 57, has been pronounced brain dead after suffering a bicycle accident in September last year.

The Parsons family gave doctors the green light for the operation, when the patient’s kidneys were removed and two kidneys from a genetically modified pig were embedded in his body.

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According to reports, the transplanted kidneys began to function immediately after the operation.

Earlier this month, surgeons had successfully transplanted a genetically modified pig heart into a man. David Bennett was the first man to undergo the unique heart transplant.

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Bennett’s son called the surgery a “miracle” when a team of University of Maryland surgeons performed the operation on Jan. 7.

The operation demonstrated the success of pig-to-human heart transplants as doctors cheered amid a shortage of donor organs.

According to reports, 100,000 US citizens are currently waiting for organ donation.

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