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WANTED AND UNWANTED: Jens Stoltenberg is wanted as head of NATO after he is scheduled to resign on October 1st. In Norway, a majority of the parties in the Storting do not want him as central bank governor.

The Ministry of Finance confirmed to VG on Friday evening that the election of the central bank governor had not yet entered the political discussion. Liberal Party leader Sveinung Rotevatn hopes Jens Stoltenberg will opt for NATO.

– We are still working to assess the qualifications and suitability of candidates for the post of central bank governor. In addition, we do not go into internal case processing, says communications manager Therese Riiser in the Ministry of Finance.

– So it is the administration that is still examining the case?

– Yes that’s right.

This means that the assessment of who will become central bank governor has not yet been put on the politicians’ table, either in the Treasury Department or in government in general.

Labor Deputy Leader and Minister for Labor and Social Inclusion Hadia Tajik is taking the case on behalf of the Labor Party as the leader, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, is incompetent.

CENTRAL BANK MANAGER: Hadia Tajik says there are concerns about an orderly process.

Tajik does not want to answer whether the wish of prominent NATO states that Jens Stoltenberg should remain NATO boss will be included in the assessments of the Labor Party.

– It is the Treasury and Treasury minister who will lead and be responsible for the process now underway to hire a new central bank governor and present his recommendation, says Tajik, adding:

– The Labor Party is concerned that there should be an orderly process leading up to the decision on who will be offered the post of central bank governor.

– I am impressed

On Friday, VG wrote that several leading NATO countries, led by Germany and the United States, have asked Stoltenberg to extend his work as NATO chief after he plans to return to Norway in October.

Liberal Party fiscal spokesman Sveinung Rotevatn hopes Stoltenberg will opt for NATO, but says it’s something Stoltenberg must decide for himself.

– If it is true that many leading NATO countries want him to continue, then I assume that he will stay in NATO if he wants to. It’s a tremendous vote of confidence in his work. I am impressed by the work he has done and is doing, so I would like him to remain NATO chief, says Rotevatn.

BOTH BOASTING AND CRITICAL: Sveinung Rotevatn boasts about Jens Stoltenberg but says he’s not the right person for both positions – as head of NATO and head of Norges Bank.

He adds:

– It is a very important task. Undoubtedly, Stoltenberg’s great skills in diplomacy and international understanding are just as useful as a NATO chief, less so than a central bank governor, to put it mildly.

– Do not direct the person to both positions

A majority of parties in the Storting believe that Stoltenberg should not become central bank governor because of his close Labor affiliations.

– If Stoltenberg chooses NATO, will this problem be solved?

– I hope nobody sees it in context. I worry that we will get a competent and unifying NATO chief and a competent and unifying central bank governor. Stoltenberg is the right person for one of these jobs.

Jens Stoltenberg does not want to comment on the case.


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