Healthy Eating for People With Low Blood Pressure or Hypotension

MATA-BANDUNG – Basically symptoms low blood pressure or hypotension it is not dangerous. Most of those affected do not show any clear characteristics.

Still the symptoms low blood pressure can interfere with daily activities. Symptoms like dizziness, fireflies, weakness and others, if they appear at an important time, will certainly be very uncomfortable.

To reduce or even eliminate these symptoms, you can eat the following foods regularly.

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1. Eggs
Eggs contain vitamin B12 and are rich in folic acid. This content increases blood pressure and makes the body more energetic.

2. Shrimp
Shrimp are high in sodium. Where sodium enters the body can relieve symptoms hypotension.

3. Coffee
The caffeine content in coffee can help increase blood pressure in the body. But keep an eye on the numbers. Because when it gets too much, other effects that aren’t good for the body kick in.

4. Banana
Bananas also contain folic acid, which is very good at raising blood pressure in the body.

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