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PORTLAND, Ore. (KPTV) — Oregon health officials are predicting the state will peak in hospital admissions this weekend or early next week.

Hospital leaders said the Omicron surge was different from previous ones. In the delta wave, intensive care units were hardest hit, but in Omicron, the burden falls on emergency rooms and general medical units.

“Today, hospitals have 582 patients who could be discharged from the hospital, but there is nowhere to go and that means they are not in the best care environment for their needs,” Becky Hultberg, President/CEO of the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems, said.

“We need help getting patients out of the hospital to free up beds for people in the community who need them.”

dr Laura Chess is the medical director of OHSU’s emergency department and said they are bursting at the seams with patients.

“We have converted our auditorium into a treatment area, in addition to what I believe to be a total of 22 possible corridor beds for patients and in addition to the patients seen in the lobby, in our triage area, our emergency care area or on the pediatric side,” said Chess. “At one point, patients were even put in their cars and seen in elevators just for a place to tend to patients.”

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Hultberg said changing the course we are on over the next week will be difficult, but beyond that we have the opportunity to affect the number of hospital admissions at our facilities.

“For the public, it’s again the things we talked about and that we know: mask, vaccinate, ventilate, keep your distance. Those are the things that continue to be so important to help us avoid a hospital crisis,” she said.

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