Gardaí are investigating the body of a man who appears to have been attempted to apply for a pension – Archyde

Gardaí are investigating the death of an elderly man in Co Carlow, whose body was taken to a post office by two other men in what appears to be an attempt to collect the deceased man’s pension.

According to initial reports, the body of the deceased was carried to a post office supported by two men. It appeared the couple were trying to collect the man’s pension, the source said. The body of the deceased was then left at the scene as the two men fled after suspicion was raised.

A Garda spokesman confirmed that Gardaí are investigating “all circumstances surrounding the unexplained death of an elderly man in the Carlow area”.

The spokesman said the services of Garda’s technical office had been requested and a post-mortem was being carried out by the state pathologist’s office. The results of the autopsy would help determine the course of the investigation, the spokesman said.

The spokesman said the Garda press office could not provide any further details.

As the group approached the post office counter, a concerned worker inquired about the well-being of the man who was being propped up. At that point, the two men dropped the man and exited the post office, according to a source familiar with the incident. Staff then went to check on the man and found he was deceased, to the shock of those who were at the scene, the source said.

A woman who works at a beauty and nail salon across the street described the incident as “unbelievable”.

She was alerted to the commotion after seeing an ambulance and Garda cars outside the small post office just before noon on Friday, she said. “It’s everything anyone has talked about… it’s incredible,” she told the Irish Times.

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