Dorna’s boss threatens to cancel Mandalika MotoGP, that’s the Indonesian government’s offer – Archyde – Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Sandiaga Uno indicates the title Moto GP Mandala 2022 at Pertamina Mandalika International Circuit, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB) must continue.

To support the continuity of the international racing event, the establishment of travel corridors between countries during the Covid-19 pandemic, namely: travel bubble (special travel patterns amid pandemic) for all crew, racers and official parties (officially) to be involved.

“There is no special treatment for drivers, crew or officially who will take part in the most prestigious motorcycle race in the world,” he said Between, Friday (01/21/2022).

Sandiaga said the trial was conducted “Travel Bubble” It was held at the G20 events in Bali and Jakarta in December 2021, as well as the World Superbike (WSBK) 2021 event.

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In fact, it says that preparations for the implementation of health protocols (Prokes) for travel between countries are being stepped up so as not to trigger potential cases of the spread of Covid-19 by the Omicron variant.

“This is also an order from the President (Joko Widodo). I believe that all parties are joining forces to prepare this MotoGP and ensure that this is a signal to the world of our willingness to host it event international (activities), like the G20 and other international conferences,” Menparekraf said.

Despite objections from Dorna Sport CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta because there are mandatory quarantine rules for competitors and crew to compete in MotoGP, he continued to follow the pattern “travel bubble“is being prepared with great care and vigilance.

The local MotoGP organizing committee is said to have coordinated with the Ministry of Health on the Covid-19 Task Force (Satgas) based on government priorities to tackle the virus.

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In addition, he also revealed that the control of Covid-19 in Indonesia has been recognized as one of the best treatments in the world.

“Obviously (the achievement of covid-19 control) we must maintain and that is what we continue to communicate that there is a travel bubble provision which is within 1 x 24 hours all crew members racers and too officially will be subject to (conditions). travel bubble),” Sandiaga said.

“From arriving at the airport to arriving at the hotel after completing the PCR test. This has also been adapted to the regulations of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes),” said Sandiaga Uno again.

He is optimistic that the MotoGP event will significantly improve the local and national economy given the holding of the 2021 WSBK race, which has boosted economic activity by 20 to 25 percent.

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“This MotoGP event will be at least 3-4 times larger (economic level),” said the former Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta.

What is that travel bubble?

travel bubble is when two or more countries that have successfully fought the coronavirus agree to create a bubble or travel corridor.

This bubble will make it easier for residents living in it to travel freely and avoid the obligation to self-quarantine.

The move will make it easier for people to cross the border with minimal hassle.

Start VOA News, travel bubble can show if it is safe for people to withdraw. According to experts, the idea is also a challenge for many countries to contain the outbreak of the corona virus.

For example, the government will set up contact tracing for people who are ill arriving from overseas to prevent the outbreak from spreading to the larger population.

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