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DES MOINES, Iowa— Doctors opposite the subway Faced tough work environments due to increased patient traffic as COVID-19 cases rose, but a MercyOne doctor said new protocols are making the job easier to manage.

“We are very good at treating cases in the hospital based on our experience alone,” said Dr. Aneesa Afroze, Infectious Disease Advisor. “So I think we’re navigating better now than ever.”

She said one of the reasons the hospital is more manageable is that patients who are admitted with COVID are not showing as severe symptoms, meaning fewer of them end up in intensive care.

Afroze also said newer protocols at MercyOne are allowing more doctors to treat COVID patients.

“Initially in the pandemic, it was more of a burden for the pulmonologists, the infectious disease doctors, because others didn’t know how to do things,” said Dr. afroze “Now many people feel very comfortable caring for COVID patients. That way, I think they’re a little more relaxed for other areas of expertise.”

She also said knowing more about the virus makes it easier for doctors now than when the pandemic began.

“Initially, no one knew what worked,” said Dr. afroze “We know that some of the anti-inflammatory drugs work. There are also intravenous fluids that we can give to people who are worse off, but we have many options.”

Even though managing large volumes has become a bit easier, she said doctors are still getting tired. That’s why it’s still important for the public to get vaccinated, keep up-to-date and wear a mask if possible.

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