COVID: Who receives the booster vaccine in Jalisco?

In Mexico and Jalisco, the application of the booster vaccine against COVID-19 has already been approved, in order to maintain protection against Sars-CoV-2 in vulnerable sectors of the population. But, To whom is this reinforcement being applied in Jalisco and why?

Since December 7 last year the application of the third booster dose to older adults in Mexico and Jalisco began, during the visit of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) to our Entity.

Then the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, explained that, as part of the national and international recommendations, it was decided to apply the booster, through a third dose, to this population sector given their vulnerability to the virus “because in them the efficiency of the vaccine may not be optimal.”

“There is no conclusive evidence to recommend replacement in general, that is, people of any age or people who are generally healthy and who do not have these problems,” explained the undersecretary.

Since then and according to the arrival of biologicals to our State, The Jalisco Ministry of Health has enabled various calls for this population group.

Another sector for whom the third application against COVID-19 in Jalisco has already been enabled is medical personnel. For them, the immunization days for a third dose began on January 10 in order to reinforce their protection against the virus to continue facing the pandemic from the front line of battle.

Too the booster dose was already approved for the personnel of the State education system in front of the face-to-face return to the classrooms, which took place on January 17.

Teachers, administrative and auxiliary personnel were given a new dose with the Moderna laboratory, since this sector had only received the single dose of the Cansino vaccine between April and May 2021, and the estimated protection of this laboratory only She is approximately six to eight months old.

For this reason, last Sunday, after the first day of application of reinforcement to teachers, it was possible to immunize 107 thousand 054 teachers and assistants, according to the State Government.

Yesterday, Thursday, the Ministry of Health reported that the registry was opened to apply a third booster dose also to people aged 50 to 59 yearss, who will begin to be immunized starting next Thursday. In this way, there are four population sectors in Jalisco that can receive a new dose to reinforce protection against COVID-19.



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