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PSI responds to comments from the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Feeling sorry for Giring Ganesha, Baswedan had to go to the field to inspect the Formula E site in Ancol, North Jakarta. The PSI countered by mentioning Anies’ visit to Warteg.

“We understand that Mr. Anies is very busy, but we hope that Mr. Anies also goes to the field to check the Formula E circuit, can explain to the public the exact location, how, where, how the preparations are. have timeDKI Jakarta PSI DPW Chairman Michael Sianipar told reporters on Friday (1/21/2022).

“So our advice, it’s better for Mr Anies to go to the field like Bro Giring. Come check directly and step on the place instead of us having a dialectic and saying we better see what the place on the field is like. What is the strategy to get to the Formula E circuit,” he said.

Michael said what Giring was doing was an act of directly observing the field. Instead, Michael said what PSI expects from a manager Anies is in the field.

“For us, we are actually checking the field. So when we go to the field it’s not enough work, so what is the real work? What we hope is that a leader can take to the field, often blusukan, also in the style exemplified by Mr Jokowi,” he said.

According to Michael, Giring’s descent into the field is also part of a response to public concerns Venue Formula E. Because hundreds of billions of rupiah have been spent on electric car racing.

“So Bro Giring’s presence at the site is part of our response to the concerns that exist in the community about Formula E, when it will take place and whether we will be ready while hundreds of billions of rupiah have been spent,” he said .

Also, Michael is worried Venue Formula E, which only had four months to complete. He asked if it could be sped up Venue Formula E in no time. This is because the Mandalika Circuit in Lombok was established within two years.

“So, has Mr Anies himself ever visited the Formula E-related site? Because when we look back, we have, we’re coming, we’re stepping right on it, and we’re very worried if this can be accelerated within a few months. Is.” is that possible in four months from a piece of land? We can turn this mud puddle into a world-class track for Formula E because the Mandalika Circuit was built in just two years,” he added.

Previously Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan commented on the actions of PSI Chairman Giring Ganesha, who had visited and criticized the goat-infested Formula E site. What did he say?

In Podcast broadcast on YouTube’s Total Politics, Anies was asked about someone who came to Formula E grounds and criticized the roaming goats. Anies stressed that Giring’s time was short for him to go there.

“Too bad yes the time is really loose if we who are a bit busy don’t have enough time to drive around there is no need,” Anies told Baswedan on Friday (21/01/2022). ).

Anies then declined to comment further on Giring’s actions. “I don’t have to comment on that,” he said.

Watch the video Anies gives reasons why Formula E needs to be implemented:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]


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