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INDOZONE.ID – Coffee lovers may still be wondering if it’s okay to drink coffee after vaccinated against COVID-19? Some of them are worried about the side effects that will be felt after drinking coffee.

The effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine is not intended to be affected by anything a person consumes. So far, there is no research showing that drinking coffee after vaccination can cause side effects.

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Coffee actually has good benefits for the body when consumed regularly. Coffee is high in antioxidants that can help the body fight off disease and maintain the body’s immunity.

However, instead of drinking coffee, vaccinates are advised to drink more water. The most common side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine are muscle pain, fatigue, headache and fever.

Quoted from the UNICEF page, drinking plenty of water keeps the body well hydrated, not only prevents pain but can also reduce the duration and intensity of side effects.

After vaccination, it is also recommended to increase rest and sleep times to 7-8 hours. Because lack of sleep can actually lead to a decrease in immunity, since the body rebuilds its defense mechanisms during sleep.

The things to avoid after the COVID-19 vaccination are avoiding alcohol and tobacco. Although there are no scientifically-recognized studies measuring the effects of alcohol or smoking on vaccinations, it is advisable to avoid these two ingredients as they can make them worse.

alcohol It also negatively affects the immune system and there is a chance that the immune response to the vaccine will be ineffective due to the presence of alcohol. This also applies to tobacco.

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