Asteroid 2022 AA, 42 meters in diameter, will cross the Earth – Archyde

Massive asteroid 2022 AA has been spotted approaching Earth. The space rock is expected to happen in early February 2022.

According to estimates, the diameter of the giant asteroid reaches 42 meters. An amateur astronaut, Ma’rufin Sudibyo, explained that this asteroid has been discovered since January 1, 2022.

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Large asteroid object 2022 AA near Earth

A space rock or asteroid will return past Earth. This asteroid was successfully discovered by the Purple Mountain Observatory facility in Xu Yi, China.

“All sky monitoring systems in every corner of the world from Europe to Latin America have confirmed this asteroid,” Ma’rufin Sudibyo said.

He added that this asteroid belongs to the Apollo class of near-Earth asteroids. This asteroid revolves around the sun once every 1.46 years.

Because of this, giant asteroids can have orbits that intersect with Earth’s orbit.

A Pusainassa National Aeronautics and Space Institute (LAPAN) scientist named Andi Pangerang explained that this asteroid has an average distance from the Sun of about 192.6 million km.

This distance is much greater than the average Earth to Sun, which is only 149.6 million km. Despite this, the perihelion of this large asteroid reaches 143.8 million km, or less than Earth’s, which reaches 12.1 million km.

Predictions on the timing of the asteroid’s passage are available in early February 2022. The exact date is February 4th at 21:16 UT or February 5th at 04:16 WIB.

The distance of the large asteroid 2022 AA when it passes is about 2,542,000 km from Earth. A large asteroid will also move very quickly, reaching 13,200 km/h.

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Don’t cause disaster

Although the size of asteroid 2022 isn’t all that big, many people still worry about its proximity to Earth. The nightmare of a catastrophic collision is what they dread.

Astronomers believe that a large asteroid flying by is not considered dangerous. Dangerous in the sense that it may collide with the earth or drop debris.

This is because the trajectory distance is greater than the Roche limit or existing minimum distance.

Minimum range, or Roche, is in fact an indication of the minimum distance of a spacecraft approaching Earth.

If the distance is beyond the ray, the object may shatter into pieces. Because the force that space objects have is the same as Earth’s gravity.

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When they touch, they don’t hold and break. Those parts that could have penetrated the earth and caused a catastrophe.

Although this modeling limit only applies to the next century, it can be confirmed, at least for the time being, that the large asteroid of 2022 is not dangerous for life on Earth.

As such, astronomers urge that there is no cause for undue panic in the community. It has a wide arc of 5.76 milliseconds, making this asteroid invisible to the naked eye.

The passage of the large asteroid 2022 AA is observed by scientists through a telescope with a large lens more than 25 cm. (R10/HR-Online)

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