WWE has reportedly denied Mustafa Ali’s request for release

Mustafa Ali publicly requested his WWE release on his Twitter page last week, and it has now emerged that WWE has no intention of granting that request at this time.

According to a new report by combative, WWE officials and Ali have spoken and during those conversations Ali was told his release would not be granted. This comes just three weeks after WWE released Toni Storm, in which a source reportedly said that “it would have been difficult for WWE to justify not granting someone their release after several rounds of ‘budget cuts’.”

Sources who spoke to Fightful were told that the term “value” was brought up frequently during discussions between Ali and WWE, but they weren’t given specific details as to exactly what that meant or why his release wasn’t granted. Mustafa Ali hasn’t been on WWE television since he and Vince McMahon reportedly had a heated argument over his creative direction.

Finally, the report notes that even if Mustafa Ali hasn’t been used on television for over two months, Ali will remain on his current contract for years to come. It was also found that he had only asked for a paternity leave show-off.

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