Trading is currently unavailable in Pokémon Go – Archyde

Niantic has confirmed that trading is currently unavailable Pokémon Go due to an unknown issue.

The developers are investigating the outage following multiple reports from players in various regions that one of the game’s core mechanics either broke during trading or was not selectable at all.

Failed trades prevent players from accessing an important part of Pokémon Go, and this is further emphasized because it takes place on the first day of the new Kraftwerk event. And it seems that the only reason Niantic addressed the issue was because players had a bug that increased the chances of getting Lucky Pokemon from trading.

Lucky Pokemon are special Pokemon that have a set number of good IVs and cost half as much Stardust to turn on. There is a 5% chance that each Pokemon obtained during a trade will become a Lucky Pokemon, which increases based on how long that Pokemon is in the Trainer Box. Basically, the older a Pokémon is, the higher the chance that it will become Lucky.

Over the past few hours, players have documented an unusual number of Lucky Pokémon arriving during the trade, including several who traded up to 100 Pokémon with friends and turned all received Pokémon into Lucky Pokémon.

Whether this is the sole cause is unknown, but Niantic has since removed the ability to trade for all players while the support team investigates possible issues within the system.

Fans rightly pointed out that Niantic quickly fixes bugs and glitches like this when they’re positive for players, while harmful content like broken encounter chances can sometimes go unchecked for days.

It’s likely that Niantic will compensate players for this unscheduled maintenance of a core feature of the game, but until then, players will just have to wait for trading to resume Pokémon Go.

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