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Temperatures drop to -15 degrees

The last 10 days of January are cold with frequent snowfalls. In the coming days, a large core of arctic air will settle on the territory of Ukraine and European Russia, lowering temperatures across Eastern Europe. The cold front of this cyclone moves across the Balkans on Friday night.

During the night and early morning hours of Friday it will snow more heavily in the western half of the country and less in central Bulgaria.

During the day, precipitation gradually shifts to the east, while clouds break up in the extreme north-west regions. The wind will increase with icy gusts, which will be particularly noticeable in the Danube plain. Temperatures will drop, fluctuating between 0 and 5 degrees during the warmest part of the day.

Over the weekend, the weather will remain frankly cold, with particularly low temperatures in the early hours in some parts of western Bulgaria, where short-term cloudbursts will form. There the thermometers show up to minus 10 – minus 12 degrees in places. Daytime temperatures on Saturday and Sunday will be around freezing across the country. On both days the clouds alternate strongly – around the mountains and in the north-east where it will snow.

At the start of the last full week of January, the cold air inflow from the north continues and temperatures continue to drop. Snowfall on Monday will be sparse with downpours. During the day, the thermometer fluctuates around zero.

It is very likely that the night before Tuesday will be only minimally cloudy, which is a recipe for a frigid morning. The peak of the January cold with temperatures around and below minus 15 degrees in the traditionally cold regions of western Bulgaria is expected in the early hours of Tuesday.

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