The Bridgerton countdown has begun as Netflix releases a series of first look photos

Bridgeton Season 2 arrives on March 25th and a trailer must be coming soon because Netflix has released a series of first look photos that conveniently give us high-resolution images of all the main characters, new and old. There’s Daphne, who looks like she’s dressing up Anthony late into the night, and the Bridgerton boys fencing in tight pants – and Benedict, who’s so overlooking the constant drama between Anthony and Colin, which is why he’s him best Bridgerton boy— and the Featheringtons, looking as extraordinary as ever. And there’s Kate Sharma with her little top hat and her big gun, who’s better than the boys at everything. Since season one ended with Anthony being the protagonist of season two, people have complained because Anthony is clown shoes at this point, but book readers know: Kate is the BEST. Kate is the reason to anticipate season two. Kate is a wrecking ball who comes to destroy Anthony’s life in the best way possible.

Additional photos show Queen Charlotte addressing Lady Whistledown’s latest writing, Anthony trying to intimidate Kate by dancing and Eloise and Penelope who are best friends.

But the best photo isn’t on Shondaland’s Twitter for some reason. The best photo shows the Sharma sisters, Kate, their younger sister Edwina – the diamond of the first water of 1814 – and Kate’s trusty dog ​​Newton. Look at her. They are beauty, they are grace LOOK AT NEWTON’S CUTE LITTLE FACE. Newton, the not at all fat and definitely purebred corgi, is the real star of the show AND HE KNOWS IT. Newton is a DIVA who lives for the DRAMA he instigates with ruthless dedication and entirely at Anthony’s expense. So much of season 2 will be Anthony being dipped in by the Sharmas and their dog and I can’t wait. The countdown is on, t-minus nine weeks.

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