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Just today, the embargo on journalistic impressions from the preview build was probably the most anticipated strategy game of this year, so we started in the foreign media and offer conveyed impressions and excerpts from the game of foreign colleagues.

Windows headquarters: Freedom and potential of RPG elements

In developing Total War: Warhammer 3, the Creative Assembly studio had the full trust of Warhammer’s parent company, Games Workshop. It’s obvious at first glance, but lead author Andy Hall still bragged about it: “Let’s kill God. A licensed product probably cannot afford that.” The talk is of the bear god Ursun, who suffered a mortal blow and is now being held captive by Be’lakor, the first demon lord. Ursun’s agony blocked travel to and from the Realm of Chaos, except for certain rifts. This starts a war campaign in the story campaign as Kislev wants to heal his god, Kathai needs information from him, the forces of chaos want his power and the ogres are just hungry and the god sounds quite a delicacy.

Regardless of their goals, each faction must accumulate power to defeat Be’lakor. To do this, he must first defeat the champion of each of the Gods of Chaos, taking advantage of the rifts created by the dying Ursun. When creating this campaign, the creators tried to avoid the problems of the Eye of the Vortex campaign of the second part, which clearly required the player to occupy a certain territory. By opening the rifts for travel, the player has enough warning and freedom to choose how to approach each of them, and it is clearly stated that ignoring the rift brings with it a surge of Chaos powers.

During the preview, reporters had the opportunity to play for two from different sides of the conflict: the Northern Province – a part of Cathay under Miao Ying, nicknamed Storm Dragon. And the second playable faction were the Demons of Chaos, commanded by the mysterious Prince of Demons. The game has been enjoyed by both factions, but the latter is probably the biggest advancement in the series that has the potential to make the game one of the best PC titles of all time. Playing for the Demons of Chaos transforms the game into a thoroughbred RPG: your prince can gain “favor” from all four dark gods, so it’s up to you what form, ability or weaponry you give him. There are millions of combinations. During your campaign you will gain demonic glory by completing missions and consecrating settlements for each of the four gods, thereby unlocking the prince’s individual traits or weapons, as well as access to specific combat units. Of course, you must carefully monitor the balance and possible weaknesses of your decisions.

Total War: Warhammer III Preview - 4 Huge Additions to Get Excited About

But you will find improvements for all factions and features of the game, including diplomacy. Finally, you can tell the invaders in your territory who haven’t declared war on you to get out — with no diplomatic penalty. If you don’t like negotiating the price, by holding down the button the AI ​​will simply say the final price. There is a sale of regions, so there is no problem with the settlement of the allies, which prevents you from fully controlling the province. Even more important is the ability to establish a base in the city of allies – you can not only strengthen the allies, but also recruit a certain number of their units. During the battle itself, the better sophistication of the captured locations stands out, where it is no longer just a backdrop behind a wall – bases can have floors or various entrances, including bridges, etc. Also worth mentioning is the co-op for Up to eight players, including the possibility of mass activation at the same time, so no one has to wait for anyone.

“When you entered the Realms of Chaos through the rift, we knew you couldn’t conquer it like a traditional map.” sagt Mark Sinclair Designkampagnen: “You can’t just invade the Khorn Empire like Kislev and start occupying cities or taxing the populace. So we knew we had to create new gameplay for that.”. As such, he explains that entering the realm of Slaanesh requires a certain amount of temptation to descend into each level – some of which will be very tempting indeed. But as soon as you accept them, you’ll be kicked out of the realm again – albeit with a reward of your choice, but of course without what you originally descended from there. Temptations will be things like big bonuses to the economy, but if you accept them you run the risk of your opponents reaching the heart of the empire before you do.

Total War: Warhammer 3 - Preview

Each of these cards is protected by a demonic prince. By defeating him and gaining his soul, you gain access to the prison where Ursun is suffering. Sounds easy, but it’s definitely not easy. These realms are thoroughly hostile to other demons. If you capture one, the whole map is against you, not just their specific army. If you survive long enough, the final battle awaits. Unlike traditional battles, you’ll face waves of enemies while having to hold points on the map, build barricades, and summon additional units. Chief Battle Designer Jim Whitson says: “It’s part of the fantasy genre – we wanted to strengthen the verticality of the maps and avoid feeling – aha, I know this layout, I always go like this – a variety of barricades or towers for the player to attack and attack during combat change flow or character.”

Warhammer 3 Ninth Legendary Lord First Campaign Gameplay

Since this is a race, you’ll want your own army to advance through the Realm of Chaos each turn, meaning you’ll be splitting up your units for most of the campaign. And you’ll probably want to use your best army to conquer the Chaos Empire. Of course, this affects your economy and makes it harder to protect your territory in the physical world. It’s an extra layer of tension and complexity that sounds promising, but at the same time could unnecessarily stress and shake the player’s attention. Whether that’s the case will only become clear once you play through the entire campaign and fight your way through all four realms, but at least in the early stages of the game there’s a treacherous and exciting twist that turns the familiar Total War experience into an epic makes battle campaign.

The game will be released with Czech subtitles on February 17th. You can order it at Xzone.

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