South African man who was swapped at birth fumed at mum for not swapping them back – Archyde

Two years later, the mistake was exposed when a paternity dispute over Gavin’s legal father led to a DNA test revealing Parker wasn’t his birth mother.

Dawkins told 60 minutes Australia When she found out, she “went hysterical straight away.”

“At first I think you’re protecting whoever you have…the first few days are a shock, then curiosity sets in. Where’s my baby?” Parker told the program.

The mothers decided not to switch the babies back.

Robin said by the time he was 15 he had trouble accepting the situation and resented his mother for not trading them back. He said he had to work hard for everything while Gavin “takes it easy”.

Now Robin, 32, understands why the mothers chose not to swap the babies back after having his own son.

“If I found out it wasn’t mine, there’s no way I would give it back,” he said. “I would make the decision that I’m not going to meet the other kid because what I have is good and leave it that way.”

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