Snapchat Quick Add: Easily make adding friends safer for your teens

Another scourge of Snapchat is the sale of drugs through the platform, despite the company. Fentanyl, a very strong painkiller nearly a hundred times stronger than morphine (!) that can kill with just a few grains, is featured prominently on Snapchat. There are many reported cases of overdoses of various drugs obtained through a Snapchat contact between a dealer and a buyer, and Snapchat uses artificial intelligence (AI) to combat this practice.

Thus, 88% of drug-related content would be picked up by the company’s services. She also claims that her proactivity increased detections of drug-related content by 390% (!) in one year. When the AI ​​or a third party discovers a trader, Snapchat activates to suspend their account, preventing them from creating another one and, if necessary, submitting information regarding the relevant authorities.

Snapchat also believes its user-based whistleblower system is working as drug trafficking reports have dropped from 23% in September 2021 to 16% in January 2022. But either way, there’s still a (very) long way to go to make this platform ever safer, especially for minors, whether on drugs or potentially malicious adults.

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