Profile of Lee Zii Jia: Indonesian coaching student who decided to leave BAM – Archyde – Malaysia’s Best Men’s Singles Lee Zii Jia made a surprising decision in early 2022.

Lee Zii Jia decided to form the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) to become an independent professional player.

The news broke after Malaysian media Astro Arena wrote through his personal Instagram upload that Malaysia’s No. 1 in men’s singles had officially left the national training camp.

Astro Arena also announced that Lee would continue his career professionally.

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“Lee Zii Jia has legally left BAM and will change careers,” the media wrote.

The 23-year-old badminton player submitted his letter of resignation to BAM on January 11, 2022.

Meanwhile, BAM has received a resignation letter from Lee Zii Jia. The new BAM will make an official announcement.

However, BAM will introduce it on Friday, January 21 at a press conference on Lee Zii Jia’s withdrawal from national training.

What about Lee Zii Jia’s career then?

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After leaving national training, Lee Zii Jia will continue his career as a professional or independent player like Tommy Sugiarto in Indonesia.

Of course, being a non-practicing or professional player isn’t easy. Because professional athletes have to find sponsors and arrange their own accommodation if they want to perform at a tournament.

Indonesian Trainer Students

Currently the top Malaysian men’s singles player, Lee Zii Jia’s greatness is inseparable from the Indonesian coach’s cold hands. Hendrawan.

Hendrawan is an Indonesian former badminton player who has successfully won at the Olympic Games.

While still a badminton player, Hendrawan donated a silver medal for Indonesia at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney.

The PB Djarum Kudus graduate started his coaching career in 2009 at BAM.

At that time, Hendrawan was still in charge of the neighboring country’s junior badminton team.

Over time, in 2015, Hendrawan was entrusted as the coach of Lee Chong Wei and managed to bring the player back to life after the doping case.

Under Hendrawan’s tutelage, Lee Chong Wei managed to rack up a string of successes that propelled him back to world No. 1.

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After training Chong Wei, Hendrawan also polished Lee Zii Jia. Since being coached by Hendrawan in August 2020, Lee Zii Jia has developed quite well.

He won the gold medal at the 2019 SEA Games Manila and led his country to the finals of the 2020 Asian Team Championships.

In the singles tournaments under BWF, Lee was able to win the 2021 All England title.

Now the Kedah-born player is ranked 7th in the world.

Biodaten Lee Zii Jia

Full name: Lee Zii Jia
Place and date of birth: Kedah, 29. March 1998
citizenship: Malaysia
Height: 186cm
Racquet grip: Right
Sector: men’s singles
Current rating: 7

  • 2021 All-England-Meister
  • Second Place Hylo Open 2021
  • Juara Chinese Taipe Open 2018
  • Second at the 2018 Korea Masters
  • Polish International Champion 2017
  • Dutch Youth Champion 2016
  • Second at the 2016 India International Series

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