Myths and facts about diets

We talked with Tanya Arreguín Daza, a graduate in nutrition, and Sofía Langarica Martínez, a master in clinical nutrition, they clarify some myths about food and diets.

Myth 1: Certain foods serve to burn fat.

Fact: No, there are no such foods.

Myth 2: There are fruits that make you fat.

Fact: All fruits are good because they provide what our body needs to live, if consumed properly (2-3 servings/day for adults).

Myth 3: Diets with miraculous results.

Reality: Many promise rapid weight loss and it seems to be true, but they do so at the cost of muscle and water, not just fat.

Myth 4: There is no bounce.

Reality: All diets generate this effect, it is a natural mechanism of the body; That is why it is important that it be taken by a professional to do it gradually, supervised, without putting your health at risk and, above all, and so that in the end you learn to eat and thus prevent you from returning to the starting point.

Myth 5: You have to detox.

Reality: Food, juices or broths do not purify your body, you already have someone who does, they are called kidneys and liver.

Myth 6: One-food diets.

Reality: Diets that propose eating only one type of food for a period of time (cabbage soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner for a week) are often unbalanced and insufficient.

Myth 7: If it is integral, it does not impact weight or health.

Reality: Yes, it is preferable to consume foods with whole or whole grains instead of refined ones, but that does not mean that we can eat them piecemeal during the day.

Myth 8: All fats are bad.

Fact: There are healthy fats (olive oil, avocado, etc.) that are necessary for the formation of the membrane of your cells and many other functions.

Myth 9: What matters are the calories, so everything light is good.

Reality: It is not like that, what matters is that the energy intake you receive daily is ideal for you and that the quality of the food is good and as natural as possible.

Myth 10: Honey is healthier and with fewer calories.

Reality: Yes, honey or agave honey are preferable to refined sugar, but at the end of the day it is still sugar, so that coffee sweetened with honey will have calories.



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