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Our reporter Saskia Belleman is on the case. Follow her live report at the bottom of this post.

T. was arrested in October at the Extra Secure Institution (EBI) in Vught, where he was visiting his cousin at the time. T. did this in his capacity as a lawyer. According to prosecutors, he acted as a link between Taghi and the outside world, which would have wanted to continue his criminal dealings from prison. Not only that, he is said to have used his lawyer cousin to help prepare a violent escape.

One of the forms of communication was via notepads, in which messages were shown to each other and then carefully scratched through while the men talked aloud about other things. T. would also have used his iPad. Prosecutors called the communications line “very thoughtful and cunning.” According to OM, it was striking that T. always knew “perfectly” what his cousin Ridouan was talking about. “People, names, tasks, everything was familiar to him.”

Taghi is the prime suspect in the notorious Marengo liquidation process, which is already surrounded by very serious incidents: the key witness’ brother (Reduan), lawyer (Derk Wiersum) and confidential adviser (Peter R. de Vries) were murdered in the process. Then there was the Youssef T. affair.

criminal record

NRC Handelsblad last week revealed parts of the criminal file against T. It related to the escape plans. The newspaper also quoted from police interrogations by T., in which he admitted that he had acted incorrectly and “did not act of his own free will”.

At the end of 2020, T. became one of his cousin’s lawyers, who has been in custody at the EBI since December 2019. Over time, the police and judiciary began to sense danger and the contacts between Taghi and his cousin became the subject of investigations. After the murder of Peter R. de Vries in July last year, this investigation would have become very intense. Over the months, T., who had an office in Utrecht, is said to have visited his cousin at the EBI dozens of times and called countless times.

Following the releases on NRC, Taghi revealed through his attorney Inez Weski that he never had any plans for an escape.

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