Jared Leto says he enjoys seeing other actors transform for roles

Jared Leto says he’s “fascinated” by immersive character work and enjoys seeing other actors transform for roles.

he US actor said he finds transformative work “really rewarding” and “exciting.”

He is known for playing roles that required intense physical changes, including 2013’s Dallas Buyers Club and most recently House Of Gucci, in which he starred opposite Lady Gaga.


Leto is known for playing roles that required intense physical changes (Ian West/PA)

Makeup and hair for his character Paolo Gucci took six hours a day during filming, and Leto said the styling teams were “brilliant.”

Speaking about the character in comparison to his other roles, he told Deadline, “[Paolo]stands on an equal footing with other characters I’ve played.

“I’m really fascinated by immersive work and transformative, transformative work, it’s exciting for me.

“I like to watch other actors do it, I really enjoy diving that deep and I find it really rewarding.”

Leto will also star as vampire superhero Michael Morbius in the upcoming movie Morbius, a role for which he also undertook a physical transformation.

I’m really fascinated by immersive work and transformative, transformational work, it’s exciting for me.Jared Leto

“(During the making of House Of Gucci) my hair was up to (my waist) because it was during Covid and we were shooting this movie and they literally deserve an award for hiding all that hair,” he said he.

“We had some extra filming for Morbius, so we couldn’t cut it.

“The hair and makeup on this project was just amazing and I am so grateful to them, not only did they do a beautiful job but they pulled it off in such a short amount of time.


Leto recently played Paulo Gucci in House Of Gucci in which he co-starred alongside Lady Gaga (Ian West/PA).

“I never thought about hair and makeup, I didn’t even feel it.”

He added: “The physical part of it is really mesmerizing, whether it’s the hair and makeup and the way you walk and talk, the dialect, your accent, the rhythm or the pitch – all of that is meaningless if you don’t have the heart and soul and spirit of that character”.

House Of Gucci has been nominated for multiple awards so far in 2022, including the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award for Best Cast in a Motion Picture.


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