Gertrud Schleef/Einar Schleef Mother and son between East and West –

Einar Schleef, theater director, stage designer, painter, writer and actor, set standards with his productions. Schleef, born in 1944, grew up in the GDR and worked for the Berliner Ensemble from 1972 to 1975. After massive conflicts, Schleef turned to West Germany in 1976. He had a particularly close relationship with his mother Gertrud, to whom he also dedicated a novel. The extensive correspondence between mother and son is now available as an audio book. Between 1963 and 1990 they exchanged countless letters, shaped by the mother’s fears, worries and admonitions and the son’s spirit of resistance and self-will, who exclaimed in desperation after being expelled from art school: “They want to control everything, know everything – I hate them! “

Rezension: Dr. Heike Talkenberger

Gertrud Schleef / Einar Schleef
Correspondence I+II
mdr KULTUR/Der Audio Verlag, Berlin 2021, mp3-CD, running time 4 hours 48 minutes, € 10.00

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