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Dear Dr,

We have two sons.

One is four years old. The other is his imaginary friend.

He named him Horatio of all things. It was a name suggested to him by his father and he stuck with it. It’s funny right now, but do these things last?

Is it normal that he has this “boyfriend”?

Real Ma love Real,

No, he’s not normal. He is above average in name choice and imagination.

Not many children have imaginary “friends,” but those who do are usually special, love games, and are very clever at storytelling and weaving some stories together.

In my experience, children have never been vulnerable to parental mental illness or other concerns.

My advice would be to live with Horatio and neither discourage nor encourage the myth. Gain should be neutral.

He’s probably building his own social network. Therein lies the ultimate downfall of the imaginary friend. If he makes friends, they’ll tease him about Horatio, and he’ll probably disappear. Your pediatrician will likely offer the same advice and observations.

Many of my patients have told me that they had imaginary friends as children and they were pretty normal in their dealings with reality.

Obviously, however, there can be a problem setting a plate for Horatio when your son is twenty!

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