Earth’s core is cooling faster, researchers reveal what that impact is – Archyde

PONTIANAK NEWS – Based on the research, it turned out that she experienced the earth cooling Which process is more fast as usual.

Of course, the results of these studies raise the question of how much longer humans can live on planet Earth or if this is the end of the world.

So far, however, the researcher do not know exactly when the process cooling happens, so it can change Earth resemble the planets Mars or Mercury.

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The researchers also wrote their findings in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters. The journal contains the results of research on how much fast she Earth it will cool down.

On the other hand, researcher also studied bridgmanite, a thermally conductive mineral that is commonly found she and coat Earth.

Quoted from USA Today, Thursday, January 20, 2021, para researcher Then studying how well bridgemates provide heat could have a huge impact on the planet.

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“The results of this study can give us a new perspective on the evolution of dynamics Earth, “Kata-Professor ETH Zürich Motohiko Murakami.

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