Charles Dickens Paradise or despotism? –

In 1842, 30-year-old Charles Dickens embarked on a journey to America, where the author of The Oliver Twist believed democracy, liberty, and social justice reigned. While Dickens was still enthusiastic about visiting a well-run Boston factory or walking along New York’s Broadway with its traffic and crowds, he soon adopted darker tones. In view of the miserable creatures that vegetated in “wolf dens” in the New York slum “Five Points”, in view of the intolerable conditions in the remand prison or the inhumanity of solitary confinement in the newly built “reform prisons”, and finally even the inhuman brutality of slavery, all illusions were shattered.

Rezension: Dr. Heike Talkenberger

Charles Dickens
Records from America
BR Bayern/Der Audio Verlag, Munich 2021, mp3-CD, running time 4 hours 5 minutes, € 10.00

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