Bill Gates: There are more deadly and serious infections – Archyde

The world is facing pandemics that will be much worse than the coronavirus. This is what Microsoft founder Bill Gates said, urging governments to prepare and set aside billions to fight the next global epidemic, the Financial Times reported, quoted by BGNES.

Omicron and Delta are the most contagious viruses of all time, Gates said, but the world will face more deadly and severe infections in the future.

The billionaire lamented the “strange” priorities in the world. Philanthropists and wealthy governments must address the world’s scarce and difficult access to vaccines against Covid, the billionaire said. The Innovation Preparedness Coalition has received a $300 million donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the UK-based Wellcome Trust. The coalition is involved in forming the Covax program, which helps bring vaccines to low- and middle-income countries.

Gates recently predicted that the coronavirus pandemic could end globally by mid-2022. By then, the number of deaths and overall morbidity will reach seasonal flu levels, the Microsoft founder said.

Gates predicts that in order to deal with future pandemics, humanity must be able to produce vaccines for them within 100 days.

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