Antibiotics and multi-resistant germs: Antibiotic resistance: The fear of super germs |

In the past 15 years, the use of antibiotics worldwide has increased by around 65 percent.

The fear of more resistance is not unfounded. The WHO warns in its Report on the state of research on overcoming antibiotic resistance published in mid-April 2021 against more resistance. Some of the world’s most dangerous bacteria have developed resistance to known drugs, but none of the 43 antibiotics in clinical development promise to help, the publication says. The global consumption of antibiotics, which leads to more resistance, has also increased by around 65 percent within 15 years, as scientists from the US research center CDDEP (Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy) calculated in March 2018. Consumption in poorer and emerging countries is above average at 114 percent. In most rich industrialized countries, however, antibiotic use fell by an average of four percent during this period, for example in the USA, Canada and France. According to US researchers, antibiotic use could increase by up to 200 percent worldwide by 2030. The scientists had also noticed a slight increase in the use of antibiotics in Germany since the year 2000.

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