Alexei Navalny’s team unveil photo leak claiming to show luxury pole dance cave at Vladimir Putin’s palace

A new investigation by the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) – a non-profit organization founded by inmates Opposition politician Alexei Navalny— has unearthed photos purportedly showing the obscenely colorful seaside palace long rumored to belong to the Russian president Wladimir Putin. The luxury getaway, located outside the Black Sea resort of Gelendzhik, reportedly boasts a casino, a private theater and a bizarre shisha lounge with a pole-dancing stage.

Emblems of the Russian double-headed eagle symbol, the main element of the coat of arms of the Russian Empire, are ubiquitous throughout the palatial property, including the seemingly private ballroom. They stick out like a sore thumb, along with a stripper pole, in stark contrast to the image of royal opulence the palace projects. Pink and brown pillows are scattered on the floor for extra relaxation between annexations.

Die FBK report, revealed on Thursday, follows another explosive investigation by the group into the palace Approved last year. At the time, the massive structure was undergoing remodeling, reportedly due to the spread of mold caused by design flaws. In addition to the actual photos and plans leaked by unnamed people likely involved in the construction or remodeling of the gargantuan property, Navalny’s team created 3D images of what some of the rooms might look like once the renovation is complete . Many of the photos revealed in this new series of leaks appear to match the renders published in the previous report.

Kremlin-funded networks dismissed and criticized the hugely popular 2021 video, which had over 121 million views. Notorious Kremlin propagandist Dmitri Kiselyov denied that Putin owns a palace and praised the Russian President as a humble, unassuming guy who doesn’t own much apart from a few suits and shirts.

Russian propagandists claims that the palace is actually a hotel and claimed that Navalny’s group had missed the mark in recreating the interiors. Russian oligarch Arkady Rotenberg, a billionaire closely linked to Putin, eventually claimed to be the mansion’s owner. Commenting on the property to the web-based media outlet mash, Rotenberg in a nutshell added: “I am already under sanctions.” In other words, Putin’s close friend did not risk serious consequences by claiming the property for himself.

The YouTube Video of the new exposé has already reached more than 2 million views. A total of 479 photographs showing Putin’s garish palace are said to have been viewed Approved from FBK so far.

Also worth mentioning are casinos like the one marked in the photo leak are illegal in most of the country. Putin’s alleged pool is so enormous, according to a Twitter commentator compared it to a metro station in Moscow. The palatial “music room” features 18 double eagles and sky high ceilings.

Putin has long advocated that Russia’s billionaires and millionaires park their fortunes at home. As his war against the West gathers pace, Russia’s high-flying president with his supposedly ostentatious domicile appears to be leading the way.

Meanwhile, Russian forces are believed to be on the verge of invading Ukraine, which would result in harsh sanctions with “catastrophic” consequences for the country’s struggling economy. even for average Russian citizens, most of whom have neither billions nor castles.

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