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On Tuesday’s episode of TV 2 «The farm star», One of the tasks in this round’s weekly task caused reactions on the farm.

At this point, two of the four rabbits at Bøensæter Farm in Aremark were to be slaughtered to become the rabbit-groove meat dish as well as a casing for the godmother.

It was a particularly challenging task for the vegetarians on the farm, influencers Sophie Elise Isachsen (27) and comedian and author Shabana Rehmann (45). The latter did not want to take part in the slaughter.

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– Uses killing as a PR strategy

But rabbit slaughtering has also caused a stir outside the courtyard. The animal rights organization NOAH has now decided to report TV 2 about the incident. However, they did not start a review when Dagbladet made contact.

The online newspaper was the first to mention NOAH’s criticism of the program.

– But we’ll do it pretty quickly if we decide first. We find it a bit difficult to identify with TV 2 because we know they are looking for publicity. They get it when they treat animals badly, says NOAH director Siri Martinsen.

MUST REPORT: Siri Martinsen, director of NOAH, says the organization decided to report on TV 2 after the rabbit slaughter.  Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

MUST REPORT: Siri Martinsen, director of NOAH, says the organization decided to report on TV 2 after the rabbit slaughter. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB
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The organization previously issued a rating based on slaughter methods. In this case, the NOAH guide claims that the rabbits were killed for entertainment, which she describes as cynical. In addition, Martinsen believes that the station is on the edge of legislation.

– You have not taken into account that animals should not be used for furs in Norway – it is forbidden to keep animals mainly for this purpose. That’s exactly what they did here.

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it is Paragraph 12 Martinsen refers to where it says:

“The killing of animals should not take place as a separate element of entertainment or competition”.

– Natural place on the «Farm»

TV 2 press chief Jan-Petter Dahl writes in an email to Dagbladet that they received “a handful” of inquiries after Tuesday’s episode.

He assures that animal welfare is important to the broadcaster.

– We want the slaughter to be carried out in a safe and painless manner and the rabbits were slaughtered by a licensed butcher who slaughters rabbits professionally, he writes.

NOAH’s request for review will be honored, Dahl continues, while denying claims that the purpose of the killing was public relations.

– No, we are not doing this at all to create debate or publicity. Slaughter has appeared in The Farm since the very early seasons. The framework for the program is life on a farm a hundred years ago, when slaughtering was a natural part of everyday life.

Dahl continues:

– We experience it as undisputed that it is also part of the TV program. It is voluntary for the participants whether they want to participate in the slaughter or not and of course we do not show any pictures of the slaughter on TV.

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