‘Splitgate’ Season 1 Launches Next Week With Custom Level Builder

Splitgate developer 1047 games have announced the launch date for the game’s first season, which will feature a custom level builder, two new modes, an overhauled map and more.

Beta season one of Splitgate finally launches next week, January 27th, and will include a bunch of new content. The season brings a redesigned version of the Foregone Destruction map, as well as new item and weapon skins. Also coming in the first season is a new 100 level battle pass, characters, banners and sprays.

One of the big new features in the game is a custom level creator. “Splitgate The introduction of a custom map creator in Season 1 of the Beta will allow players to create and play their own maps, including the ability to co-create and share maps with friends,” 1047 Games wrote in a press release.

“The map maker gives players the ability to create and place objects, weapons, spawns, building blocks, portal walls and more, and also allows for rotation and magnetic snapping between landscapes to simplify object placement. With a fully customizable controller and mouse and keyboard support, the map maker is accessible to all players.”

season one of Splitgate will also see the arrival of two new game modes. The first is Evolution Game Mode, “a turn-based mode in which the team that lost the previous turn gains upgraded weapon loadouts each turn.”

The second is their own version of Capture-the-Flag called One Flag Capture-the-Flag. This new mode is “a turn-based version of Capture-the-Flag, where one team defends the flag and one team tries to capture it. The team alternates offense and defense, and the team with the most rounds won wins the match.”

And finally, a new simulation map called Hotel is coming as part of Season 1, used in 3v3 modes like Takedown, Showdown and the new Evolution mode.

season one of Splitgate will be available free of charge Playstation, Xbox, and PC when it starts next week.

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