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The National Hockey League has released a major update to the 2021-22 regular season schedule, allowing all 32 teams to complete their 82 regular season games by the original season closing date of April 29.

New dates have been announced for the 98 games postponed from November 18, 2021 to January 18, 2022. The dates of 23 other games have been changed to reflect the new dates of the postponed games.

95 of the 98 postponed games are now scheduled for the 16-day window of Feb. 7-22, which was previously the designated hiatus to allow NHL players to attend the Beijing 2022 Olympics.

“We are deeply grateful to our fans for their support and understanding at a challenging time, and to our clubs, the NHL Players’ Association and the players for working together in a rescheduling of unprecedented logistical complexity,” said NHL Assistant Commissioner Bill Daly.

234 Ottawa in New Jersey 16. Nov 6. ten
250 Nashville bei Ottawa 18. Nov 7. April
263 NY Rangers in Ottawa 20. Nov 20. February
328 NY Islanders and NY Rangers 28. Nov 17. March
340 NY Inselbewohner in Philadelphia 30. Nov January 18th
436 Calgary bei Chicago 13th December 18. April
443 Calgary bei Nashville 14. ten 19. April
445 Carolina in Minnesota 14. ten February 12th
462 Toronto bei Calgary December 16th February 10th
471 Boston bei Montreal December 18th 24. April
476 Florida bei Minnesota December 18th February 18th
477 Tampa Bay bei Colorado December 18th February 10th
478 Kolumbus in Calgary December 18th February 15
479 Toronto on Vancouver December 18th February 12th
481 Boston bei Ottawa 19. ten 19th of February
485 Nashville bei Carolina 19. ten February 18th
487 Arizona on Vancouver 19. ten February 8th
488 Toronto bei Seattle 19. ten 14th of February
489 Kolumbus in Buffalo 20. ten February 10th
490 Colorado bei Detroit 20. ten February 23
491 Montreal with NY Islanders 20. ten 20. February
493 Anaheim bei Edmonton 20. ten February 17th
494 Carolina and Boston 21. Dec February 10th
495 St. Louis in Ottawa 21. Dec February 15
496 Washington bei Philadelphia 21. Dec February 17th
497 New-Jersey in Pittsburgh 21. Dec February 24th
498 Florida in Chicago 21. Dec 20. February
499 Winnipeg bei Nashville 21. Dec February 12th
500 Anaheim near Calgary 21. Dec February 16
502 Vancouver bei San Jose 21. Dec February 17th
503 Arizona bei Seattle 21. Dec February 9th
504 Colorado bei Buffalo December 22 19th of February
505 Montreal and New York Rangers December 22 27. April
506 Winnipeg bei Dallas December 22 February 11th
507 Edmonton in Los Angeles December 22 February 15
508 Colorado in Boston 23rd of December 21st of February
509 St. Louis in Toronto 23rd of December 19th of February
510 Karolina in Ottawa 23rd of December February 8th
511 Nashville in Florida 23rd of December February 22nd
512 Montréal in New Jersey 23rd of December 7. April
513 Washington bei NY Islanders 23rd of December 28. April
514 Philadelphia in Pittsburgh 23rd of December February 15
515 Buffalo at Columbus 23rd of December 20. February
516 Dallas in Chicago 23rd of December February 18th
517 Detroit bei Minnesota 23rd of December 14th of February
518 Seattle bei Calgary 23rd of December 19th of February
519 Tampa Bay in Arizona 23rd of December February 11th
520 Anaheim near Vancouver 23rd of December 19th of February
521 Los Angeles in Vegas 23rd of December February 18th
522 Edmonton bei San José 23rd of December 14th of February
523 Pittsburgh bei Boston December 27th February 8th
524 NY Inselbewohner in Buffalo December 27th February 15
525 Detroit and New York Rangers December 27th February 17th
526 Ottawa bei Washington December 27th 13th February
527 Florida bei Carolina December 27th February 16
528 Toronto bei Columbus December 27th February 22nd
529 New-Jersey in St. Louis December 27th February 10th
530 Nashville bei Dallas December 27th February 9th
531 Minnesota bei Winnipeg December 27th February 8th
532 Edmonton bei Calgary December 27th 17. March
533 Los Angeles in Arizona December 27th 19th of February
534 Seattle bei Vancouver December 27th 21st of February
535 Colorado in Vegas December 27th February 16
536 San Jose in Anaheim December 27th February 22nd
538 Kolumbus in Chicago December 28th February 17th
542 Pittsburgh bei Toronto December 29th February 17th
543 Boston bei Ottawa December 29th February 12th
545 Islanders from Detroit and New York December 29th March 24th
548 Chicago bei Winnipeg December 29th 14th of February
549 Dallas in Colorado December 29th February 15
559 Pittsburgh bei Ottawa 31. Dec February 10th
563 Colorado bei Dallas 31. Dec 13th February
564 Winnipeg bei Calgary 31. Dec 21st of February
581 Dallas in Arizona January 2nd 20. February
583 Karolina in Toronto January 3rd February 7th
584 Minnesota bei Ottawa January 3rd February 22nd
587 Washington bei Montreal January 4th February 10th
595 NY Inselbewohner in Seattle January 4th February 22nd
598 NY Islander in Vancouver January 5th February 9th
601 Toronto bei Montreal 6th January 21st of February
609 Detroit bei Anaheim 6th January January 9th
611 Ottawa bei Seattle 6th January 18. April
614 Buffalo in Montreal January 8th 13th February
621 Seattle bei Winnipeg January 8th February 17th
623 NY Inselbewohner in Edmonton January 8th February 11th
625 Ottawa bei Vancouver January 8th 19. April
630 Kolumbus in Montreal 10. January February 12th
631 Tampa Bay bei New Jersey 10. January February 15
633 Minnesota bei Winnipeg 10. January February 16
635 Ottawa bei Edmonton 10. January 15. January
639 Karolina in Philadelphia 11th January 21st of February
642 NY Islanders and Calgary 11th January February 12th
646 Boston bei Montreal January 12 March 21st
648 Minnesota bei Edmonton January 12 20. February
664 Vegas in Edmonton January 14th February 8th
666 New-Jersey in Montreal 15. January February 8th
675 Ottawa bei Winnipeg 15. January March 24th
676 Vegas in Calgary 15. January February 9th
681 Edmonton bei Winnipeg January 16 19th of February
683 New-Jersey bei Toronto January 17th 31 January
693 Columbus bei NY Islanders January 18th March 10th
694 Detroit bei Philadelphia January 18th February 9th
699 Chicago in Edmonton January 18th February 9th
723 NY Islanders and Toronto 22nd of January 17. April
788 Chicago in St. Louis January 30th February 12th
796 St. Louis in Montreal February 1st February 17th
811 Philadelphia in Detroit February 23 February 12th
817 Pittsburgh bei New Jersey February 24th 13th February
829 Detroit bei Toronto February 26th 26. April
848 St. Louis in Philadelphia February 28th February 22nd
922 Pittsburgh at NY Islanders March 10th 12. April
1000 Montreal bei Boston March 21st January 12
1006 Boston at NY Islanders 22 Mar February 17th
1017 Seattle bei Arizona March 23rd March 22
1021 Ottawa bei NY Islanders March 24th March 22
1033 Seattle bei Anaheim 25th March February 11th
1095 Washington bei Nashville 2. April February 15
1128 New-Jersey bei Ottawa 7. April February 7th
1161 Vegas in San José 10. April 20. February
1169 Kolumbus in Pittsburgh 12. April 29. April
1211 Islanders from Toronto and New York 17. April 22nd of January
1228 Ottawa bei Buffalo 20. April February 17th
1263 Boston and New York Rangers 24. April February 15
1273 Buffalo in Montreal 26. April February 23
1275 Toronto bei Detroit 26. April February 26th
1292 Tampa Bay and NY Islanders 28. April 29. April
1293 Kolumbus in Washington 28. April February 8th
1304 Carolina in Pittsburgh 29. April 20. February
1305 Tampa Bay bei Columbus 29. April 28. April


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