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Actor John Malkovich (LaPresse). On the right the Hotel Danieli in Venice

The suite overlooking Venice’s Grand Canal remained empty. The Danieli Hotel, one of the most famous luxury hotels in VeniceShe denied actor John Malkovich access to the rooms because he did not have a green pass. From December 31st after the approval of the so-called “Omicron Decree” the submission of the extended environmental certification is mandatory (vaccines or recovery) for those who want to stay in the hotel. And of course the law makes no difference. And even if you are an American actor and director among the best known and appreciated, you must back down and exit the famous revolving door that is the entrance to Hotel Danieli on Venice’s Riva degli Schiavoni. The newspaper “Der GazzettinoAs the news reports, explains that the production had to look for one at the last minute Private house obviously with standards up to Hollywood actors because the rules of the Super Green Pass apply to both luxury hotels and more modest hotels with a shared bathroom in the hallway.

The film and the infections

Malkovich is in Venice to shoot one Serial remake of the film dedicated to Tom Ripley, the character born from the imagination of the American writer Patricia Highsmith. „Mr. Ripleys Talent“By Antony Minghella, which was released in 1999, four years after the author’s death, was a smash hit. Many scenes were filmed in Venice, returning to those locations over 20 years later. The film will no longer play Matt Damon Ripley, but Irish actor Andrew Scott. The cast also includes Johnny Flinn and Dakota Fanning, which had reached Venice with a few days delay because she was positive for Covid, which forced the director to constantly change the planned shooting schedule. AND Even the first film production in Venice in 2022 did not spare Covid, because many actors, especially extras, after running the buffer imposed by the production, found themselves positive and had to go home and isolate.

Filming in Venice

The crew around director Steven Zaillian will stay in Venice for a month, the cameras of the series, which is to be broadcast in 2023, will wander in between St. Mark’s Square, Campo San Polo, the Accademia Bridge and Santa Lucia Train Station, dating back to the 1950s, the period in which the story takes place. At the end of the month, scenes were filmed insideHotel Danieli, already used in the cinema in the past, as “Greetings from Russia“, „Moonraker“e”casino royale“Of the legend of James Bond The “The tourist” With Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, just to name a few films. The troupe had filmed in front of the Veneto Naples, in the Sanità district. Malkovich had also filmed the episodes of the series by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino in Venice «The new pope».

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