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TOGETHER: Reidar Webster and Yngve Hågensen of LO in 2000.

Former state mediator Reidar Webster has died. LO’s legendary leader Yngve Hågensen praises him.


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Longtime national mediator Reidar Webster has only received kind words after his death.

– Webster was Norway’s national mediator from 1988 to 2004 and is the one who has led the office the longest. Webster is remembered as a very skilled mediator and a unique bridge builder between the parties in working life, he writes The Ombudsman on his website.

– Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time.

– Excellent national mediator

One of those who constantly had to meet with national mediator Webster was LO chairman Yngve Hågensen.

He ran Norway’s largest workers’ organization from 1989 to 2001, almost the same time Webster was mediator.

Like many of my generation, I remember how excellent he was as a national mediator. He was there throughout my time as LO leader. He had respect in all environments, says Hågensen to VG.

CENTRAL: Reidar Webster during mediation in 2004, shortly before resigning.

Webster resigned as mediator at the age of 70. By then he had managed over a thousand brokerage deals between 1978 and 2004. He was described as a man of compromise and was often a topic in the news after a collective bargaining agreement.

– Show respect

Hågensen has nothing against joining.

– He had a respectful way of organizing his work. Some mediations failed over the years and ended in conflict, but he was never responsible for anything.

Hågensen says there are many ways to build the role of mediator and that Webster had his own path.

– He had a humorous way of dealing with the parties that gathered people when it mattered.

Webster was married to District Judge Ingeborg Haldis Aslaksen.

IN OVERTIME: Ombudsman Reidar Webster flanked by LO leader Yngve Hågensen and NHO boss Karl Glad in 1997.


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