Foods rich in vitamin C to strengthen defenses

In cold seasons it is common to consume citrus fruits to strengthen our immune system. However, lemons and oranges are not the only foods that contain vitamin C.

There are other fruits and vegetables that contain similar or high amounts of this vitamin and some nutrients that favor the proper functioning of our defense system.

The World Health Organization, WHO, recommends consuming 45 mg of vitamin C daily for optimal operation of our system. Green leaves, in addition to containing potassium, calcium and iron, are very rich in vitamin C, as well as guava and others.

Here we present a list of foods, in addition to citrus, so you can easily add them to your diet.



Vitamins such as K, A and C are concentrated in the intense green of its leaves, from this last nutrient it provides 112 mg per 100 grams. It is also rich in calcium, potassium and antioxidants that help prevent cell damage and may help protect against cancer.


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This herbaceous plant has diuretic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antidiabetic properties, among others. It also contains 135 mg of vitamin C, so it is common to use it for the treatment of kidney diseases, such as urinary infections thanks to its diuretic property.


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It is a very tasty fruit that we can use fresh in many preparations such as smoothies, cocktails and shakes, as it contains 80 mg of vitamin C which can serve as an antioxidant for our body. In addition, it contains an enzyme called “papain” that helps in digestion.


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Larger than the orange, the small fruit contains 100 mg of vitamin C, as well as actinidine, an enzyme that helps break down food in our body and prevents us from feeling “heavy”. Consuming it in a small snack helps control sugar levels.

Green beans

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Also known in different areas with other names such as pods, green beans or green beans. This elongated green pod contains few calories, but at the same time satisfies hunger. contains vitamin A and C that together with zincThey are responsible for maintaining our immune system at an optimal level.

Red pepper

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Its concentration of vitamin C is very high, since it provides 160 mg of this nutrient. It also helps prevent anemia, thanks to the fact that it favors the absorption of iron from food.


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As a snack, in yogurt, smoothies or templates, this fruit offers 76 mg of vitamin C, just as it is the ally to prevent diseases such as diabetes or cancer, it also levels and lowers blood cholesterol.


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Not only does consuming it in the New Year bring good luck, consuming it regularly can provide great benefits such as its potassium content, which is recommended for people with high blood pressure. It also contains 90 mg of vitamin C and prevents constipation thanks to the fiber it contains, improving the digestive system.


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This food contains anticancer properties, due to the glucosinolates that help destroy the cells that cause the disease. According to studies, consuming it raw or boiled provides 100 mg of vitamin C, as well as being a source of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron.


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The small round fruit is the greatest source of vitamin C, as it contains 220 mg same that help repair tissues, protect cartilage, bones and teeth. It also contains provitamin A, essential to protect vision and the immune system.

Some health experts say “the more color in your diet, the better your health.” Having a wide variety of fruits and vegetables helps to know what we can eat, according to the characteristics of our diet and health.

In addition, knowing the properties, vitamins and benefits of what we consume helps us to know what our body needs to keep it healthy, as well as staying hydrated and doing physical activity.



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