Five cars in DPR have police-style number plates, headquarters says, including one owned by Arteria Dahlan – Archyde

JAKARTA, – Head of the Public Information Bureau (Karo) of the Public Information Division (Penmas) of the National Police Public Relations Division, Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan, responded to the question of five luxury cars with similar license plates. police lined up in the parking lot of the Nusantara II building, Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday afternoon (1/19/2022).

According to the Ramadhan data collection results, the Police Slog Bureau inventory bag belongs to the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Dakar Auto with registration number 4196-07 Dahlans Arterien.

“Based on the results of data collection in the Pal Slog Bureau of the Police inventory bag for No. Pol 4196-07, it is intended for the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Dakar under the name of the owner of Arteria Dahlan,” Ramadhan said when confirmed Wednesday (1/19). .2022).

However, Ramadhan did not explain further about the other four cars with the same police number.

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The five cars are identified as the black Mitsubishi Grandis, white Toyota Fortuner, black Toyota Vellfire, white Nissan X-Trail and black Mitsubishi Pajero.

The five cars are of concern as the number plates used are similar to those used by the police.

SPECIAL A sticker reading affixed to a car with the same number plate at the Senayan Parliament Complex in Jakarta, Wednesday (1/19/2022).

The five also use the exact same number plates, namely 4196-07 with black and yellow paint plates, the police trademark.

Next to the numbers is the police logo. There is also a gold logo above the police logo representing the DVR. It is believed that these cars belonged to members of the council.

As observed by, the five cars were lined up with different brands and different colors. The five were parked in the basement with a parking space number (SB).

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The five cars are black and white. Until 16.00 WIB the five cars were still in a row, close to the owner.

One of the cars, a Toyota Vellfire, is also known to have a sticker that reads

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