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KONTAN.CO.ID – In addition to taking pharmacy drugs, you can also use herbal cholesterol drugs, see. Consuming it regularly helps control the amount of cholesterol, which can help prevent more serious health risks.

Normally, the uncontrolled amount of cholesterol affects heart health. Cholesterol clogs and narrows blood vessels. As a result, blood flow is blocked and the heart has to make extra efforts.

If it continues to happen, it can lead to high blood pressure. It cannot be ruled out that strokes and heart attacks may also occur. Therefore, it never hurts to get used to eating some of these foods:


Just like chocolate, avocado can increase HDL production, making it useful as a cholesterol herbal medicine. The type of fat found in avocados can also help the body reduce cholesterol absorption.

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Quote from After 50 lives Chocolate is high in antioxidants that can increase the production of HDL, or good cholesterol. One study found that participants who regularly consumed chocolate for 12 weeks experienced a 24% increase in HDL.

The results indicated that eating chocolate could be an effective way to control cholesterol levels. However, one should not overdo it with chocolate. Also, try to eat chocolate with no added sweeteners, yes.

Black tea

Start After 50 lives, black tea or black tea can reduce the fat content in the blood by up to 10%. You can also get the same benefits by consuming black tea regularly. This type of tea not only lowers cholesterol but is also good for heart health.


The next herbal remedy for cholesterol that you can choose is garlic. In addition, regular consumption of garlic can also lower high blood pressure, protect the body from infection, and prevent harmful blood clots.

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Do you like eating carrots? These types of vegetables can actually help lower cholesterol levels in your body. The reason for this is that carrots are high in vitamin C and antioxidants. In addition to lowering cholesterol levels, the content can also strengthen the body’s immune system.


Oatmeal contains a variety of nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy. One of them is beta glucan. Beta glucan helps the body absorb and eliminate LDL cholesterol so it doesn’t build up in the body.

You can eat oatmeal for breakfast and mix it with other nutritious ingredients.


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