COVID: Should I wear a mask when I am at home?

Sanitary measures against the increase in cases COVID-19, after the arrival of the omicron variant, are well known by all, although not necessarily followed with punctual execution; Y Given the new infections and the convalescence of many people at home, questions arise about how to handle the virus in the most intimate circle. Should I put on my face mask when I am at home?

World Health Organization (WHO) ensures that closed and crowded environments that are poorly ventilated can increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.

For that reason, When you are in an interior space and the room cannot be ventilated, it is essential to wear a face mask in the same way that is requested in public spaces with crowds, regardless of the physical distance that must be kept between people

What measures should be followed at home in the event of a COVID case?

  • Keep a distance of at least one meter
  • Wash hands with soap and water
  • Cough or sneeze into a flexed elbow
  • Wear a face mask
  • open a window

The WHO stressed that knowing the risks of contagion COVID-19 is essential to prevent them.

A correctly placed mask reduces the risk of contracting COVID-19

The WHO also recalled Important things to consider about face coverings:

  • If the mask falls below the nose, mouth or opens on the sides, the COVID-19 virus can easily enter or exit.
  • There are many types of masks, it is crucial choose one that fits well and covers the nose, mouth, chin and leaves no gaps at the top, bottom or sides



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