Cinema Bize shows the legendary film Sigh / Day by Dario Arento – Archyde

Film sigh The activity takes place in a renowned ballet school in Germany. Here comes the young American dancer Suzanne, who is about to witness what the human body can create during a ritualized performance. It turns out that art can become a cloak for transcendent evil.

The palette of red tones, the dynamic editing and the expressive music of the 70s – that’s how you could describe the films in short sigh Properties. Dancer and choreographer Laura Gorodko will share her impressions of Dario Arento’s film at the screening on January 22nd.

Dario Argentino is also known as a producer and critic. The director began his career with a film Bird with crystal feathers (1970), before that he worked as a screenwriter. Perhaps his best-known work as a screenwriter is the 1968 spaghetti western Once in the west (Director: Sergio Leone). In the world of cinema, Argentina’s influence is often emphasized in the Italian thriller subgenreyellow in films, which are often characterized by the master’s favorite cinematographic techniques – the palette of red colors, the image of a captive woman and elements of mysticism.

Now, after a ten-year break, the name of the legendary director can be heard again in cinemas: his latest feature film is expected in 2022. Black glasses/Black glasses/Black glasses, drama directed by Argentinian and French director Gaspar Noe at the Cannes Film Festival 2021 whirl starring Dario Argentino.

Film sigh in the original language with Latvian subtitles will be shown in three screenings cinema us January 21, 22 and 23 at 18


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