This new sci-fi movie unexpectedly takes Netflix by storm

Apocalyptic movies are having a little moment on Netflix right now. For example, one of the biggest Korean language releases on the streamer in recent times is The still sea. It told the story of a special team sent to the moon to retrieve an important sample from a research facility. Meanwhile, the earth has undergone “desertification” at home. And in addition to The still sea, There are also Don’t look up – a polarizing allegory of climate change from director Adam McKay. It stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence as astronomers who vainly warn the planet of impending catastrophe – and has become one of the biggest titles of all time on Netflix. Are you also getting a lot of attention on Netflix right now? The colonya science fiction title by the Swiss director Tim Fehlbaum.

“Climate Change. pandemics. War,” says one of the opening images of the film. “When Earth became uninhabitable, the ruling elite escaped to settle on Kepler 209.”

The colony Netflix

should you check this out Unfortunately it doesn’t have good reviews at the moment.

At the time of this writing The colony has a viewer and critic rating of 46% Rotten Tomatoes. But it’s still early. The 46% critic rating is based on 24 reviews only. While the 46% audience rating was only achieved from more than 50 reviews. The Netflix description of the film, meanwhile, reads as follows. “A colony in deep space sends an astronaut back to Earth to decide the fate of the planet’s remaining inhabitants after the colonists become barren.”

At this moment, The colony is the #3 movie on the streamer in the US. Netflix also maintains a combined US top 10 list that includes both TV shows and movies. The colony #8 is here at the moment.

Most Viewed Movies on Netflix

Alyssa Milano, shown as Grace in the new Netflix movie Brazen. Image Credit: Sergei Bachlakov/Netflix

Speaking of apocalyptic themes in Netflix content like The colony, there’s more along those lines too – and coming soon – on the platform.

One of the most watched Netflix titles of 2021 was the Korean TV series My name, about a young woman who infiltrates a criminal gang to avenge her father’s death. Kim Jin-min, the director of this series, is also directing another K-drama coming to Netflix soon: Goodbye earth. Also known as The fool at the end of the world, this will be an adaptation of a novel of the same name. And it will follow a group of people after humanity was told an asteroid is about to impact Earth.

In the meantime, below is a full rundown of the streamer’s top movies in the US right now. The top 10 Netflix movies in the US today – in addition to The colony – contain:

  1. brazen
  2. Don’t look up
  3. The colony
  4. Riverdance
  5. Just join us
  6. The God Committee
  7. Phantomfaden
  8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  9. The longest yard
  10. Journey 2 The Mysterious Island

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