The NFT company that markets Troy Baker took audio clips from another service – Archyde

Last week popular voice actor announced Troy Baker-Joel The last of us, Booker DeWitt i BioShock Infinite m.fl. – is stands behind NFT firm Voiceverse NFT, which plans to sell the rights to various voices that buyers can then use in conjunction with an AI solution to have material read to them with each voice.

He ended the proclamation with the words “you can either create or hate”, and of course the whole thing was taken with a rather cool reception. he asked later excuse, but now the company has received even more bad publicity. It has been revealed that Voiceverse NFT has acquired one of its voices from a free AI voice service called

The creator behind showed one log file that only includes the text Voiceverse NFT uses in a video which they have now removed, the only difference being that they brightened the voice to avoid sounding exactly like the original.

Voiceverse NFT has admitted they participated in the vote without referring to the author and blames their marketing department, but the creator seemed unwilling to accept their apology.

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