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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

The production house Les’ Copaque reveals the origin Upin & Ipin. This came in response to a series of rumors that have gone viral on social media over the past few days, such as the tomb of Upin Ipin in Indonesia.

From the video, public speculation then evolved into the animated story Upin Ipin was actually from Indonesia, not Malaysia.

However, this was disputed by Les’ Copaque. They say the existence of the two characters is a mere fabrication and made entirely by the production house.

All Upin & Ipin stories are purely fictional and written entirely by Les’ Copaque Production, “Les’ Copaque cooked.

[Itu] not taken or inspired by the story of anyone alive or dead,” Les’ Copaque jokingly wrote on his official account on Monday (17/01).

The Story of Upin and Ipin, Les’ Copaque said is a show initiated by Hajah Ainon, who is also the voice actor of Opah, Upin and Ipin’s grandmother. Each story of Upin and Ipin is not only written to be easy to understand but also full of useful messages.

Aside from Hajah Ainon, Upin and Ipin’s show was also inseparable from the intervention of Haji Burhanuddin as managing director of Les’ Copaque Production as well as voice actor of Tok Dalang.

“He also shared his experiences of growing up in the village on the Upin & Ipin series,” the production house said.

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