Pennsylvania Has Highest Gas Prices East of the Rockies, According to AAA

Pennsylvania’s median price for a gallon of regular gasoline on Monday — $3,517 — was the highest of any state east of the Rocky Mountains, according to the AAA.

The price per gallon in New Jersey was $3.376, about 14 cents cheaper, but still higher than the national average of $3.31. The best deals were obviously in Camden County, where the average was $3,268, by far the lowest in the Philadelphia area.

Overall, prices in both states are down about half a cent since last week, AAA said, but were still more than 80 cents higher than at this point last year.

That aligns with the national trend in which prices have remained high despite falling demand, likely due to wintry weather and the strength of the Omicron variant, the automaker said.

Gas usually gets cheaper when demand falls, but AAA said that’s not expected this time.

“The continued rise in the price of crude oil has helped push up pump prices,” it said. “As crude oil prices continue to rise, pump prices are likely to follow.

It could be worse — and it’s the highest in the nation in California, where it was $4,654 Monday.


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