Movie! World Economic Forum praises China’s investments in nature, there’s just nothing natural about it – Archyde

At times one might wonder if the World Economic Forum (WEF) takes itself seriously. WEF President and Bond villain Klaus Schwab opened it today calendar and introduced China’s lifelong President Xi Jinping. Not long after, the social media campaign took off. Now the WEF wants us to believe that China should invest in nature and set an example for the rest of the world.

In his introduction, Klaus Schwab speaks of “nature-based solutions”, which sounds like a nice way of letting nature take its course. Sort of like cutting back logging to allow the rainforest to recover. Or prevent overfishing so that fish stocks can recover. Well, such examples seem to have been thought of in quite the wrong direction!

In this video you will see what exactly with ‘nature-based solutions‘ is meant. China is carving an “organic dairy farm” out of a piece of desert land. Entire parts of the Inner Mongolian desert have been completely “nature-based” converted into a large-scale food processing plant.

And the original nomadic population that has lived there for centuries? They have now been put into operation. Their entire culture and habitat might be ruined, but then there are some extra corn fields and grazing cows! Phew, what are we going to do under the leadership of China and the WEF? glorious future to meet you!

Because of this type of videos distrusted the World Economic Forum even more. Everything indicates that they use beautiful, woolly language and something in practice completely different mean. There is nothing “nature-based” about it, because it is simply about extremely intensive livestock farming in the former desert. It’s just so thick in this video that it’s hard to wonder if the WEF still believes it. In any case, once you see China as a shining example for the rest of the world, you have already lost all credibility, but actual principles are not for the WEF anyway.

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