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JOGLOSEMAR NEWS – Grand Theft Auto or GTA Vice City is one of the series published by Rockstar Games.

Link-Download GTA Vice City APK Full Game Yang legal from Rockstar Games available here for PS Android.

As is known, the developer released a number of game series, including San Andreas, GTA 3 and GTA Vice City.

Download link received GTA Vice City The official Full Game APK and is mentioned at the end of the article.

Rockstar Games himself has published Grand Theft Auto Vice City or GTA Vice City since October 29, 2002.

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Starting from games released only for PC and next-gen console versions like Xbox to PlayStation 2, this game is growing and is here to be played further PS Android.

About GTA Vice City stories

GTA Vice City or Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an open world action game that falls into the AAA or Triple A game category. Rockstar Games as a developer has spent a large enough budget to make this game.


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