‘Divorce Should Be Celebrated’ Ram Gopal Varma’s Controversial Tweet After Dhanush’s Marriage Breakup

South actors Dhanush and Aishwarya Rajinikanth broke the hearts of their fans by announcing the end of their 18-year marriage. He announced this in a letter on social media. While fans are deeply hurt by their split, director and producer Ram Gopal Varma has his own take on the subject of marriage and divorce. Ram Gopal Varma successively tweeted saying that marriage is a bad custom imposed by ancestors in society.

Ram Gopal Varma made three tweets. In the first tweet, he wrote, “Only divorce should be celebrated with music, breaking free from attachment and testing each other’s dangerous qualities, marriages should be silent.” The second tweet read, “Marriage is the worst custom ever imposed on us by our ancestors to encourage the continuous cycle of suffering and happiness.”

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user reprimanded

In these tweets by Ram Gopal Varma, he did not mention the names of Dhanush and Aishwarya Rajinikanth directly, but the reference points in that direction. Many people have protested against it. One user wrote, “You mean people should find new love every third and fifth day… but it’s not available on Amazon sir.” One user wrote, “Marriage is not a drama or a game to step into and. then has to get off again… it’s a deep bond between two hearts. Nowadays people break up married life very easily for no good reason…’

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Also read comments from other users. One lashed out at Ram Gopal Varma, writing: “Verma ji you should be born in Western countries where there is a gay, lesbian and transgender culture. Marriage and family structure guide society in the right direction, yes, life is nothing but compromise and living. Otherwise what will be the difference between man and beast. Some people have even supported Ram Gopal Varma by saying that “marriage is a long term attraction”.

Well, Ram Gopal Varma posts controversial tweets every day. In such a situation, following the news of Dhanush and Aishwarya Rajinikanth’s split, his tweet comes as no surprise.

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