Children and Omicron: UMC Utrecht investigates the spread – Archyde

Judith has set rules for the initial infection. “Entering the house was only allowed with a face mask and the person with Corona had to use their own bathroom. Nothing helped. We had to be in quarantine for a really long time.” They came out again after 22 days. During this time, Judith and her husband did not become infected.

dissemination research

The virus therefore spread quickly in the family, although the parents were put out of the way. In order to get more insight into the spread of the omicron variant within families and the effect of vaccinations, UMC Utrecht would like to conduct further research on this.

“We are looking for a hundred families,” says epidemiologist and pediatrician Patricia Bruijning. “We decided to do this because we want to take a closer look at the role children play in spreading Corona. That makes a big difference going forward, because assuming it doesn’t spread very much through children, it would also have an impact on measures like closing schools.”

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